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We are a 100% U.S. based transcription company that has been in business over four years.

You spend valuable time creating relevant and important video and audio content. 

We take your content and turn it into neat, accurate transcripts to fit your need and timeframe.

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Your transcript is then able to be converted into blog posts, marketing emails, social media posts, buttons, essays, ebooks and other forms of media content to meet your needs.

Allowing your followers to access your original content in a multitude of ways and leaving you free to focus on bigger details.

Whether it's just a simple transcript, you're looking for help in developing your project, or maybe need content creation for your social media and marketing platforms we work with you to meet your goals.

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Transcription Services

General transcription services start at $1/ audio minute for clean, single-speaker audio.

A 50% deposit will be required for all new clients before work will begin on transcripts.

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